Saturday, December 1, 2007

I need info........

Help me please!I need to have some information or experiences on homebirth vs. hospital birth. And I need it within the next 8 days. I have a persuasive paper to write, before the school quarter ends, on December 13th. Any or all information would be useful! Please help! Even if it is a second hand information on homebirth and hospital birth.

Thankyou and God bless you!

Laura H.


Mrs. Brigham said...

What sort of information are you looking for specifically? I know of *a lot* of information on this subject, and also know several ladies who have experience with home birth. If you let me know what you need, I might have a few resources to point you towards. :o)

If you would like to start with some bare bones basics about the risks behind interventions in childbirth (typical of a hospital birth, rather than a home birth, any of Henci Goer's books would be an excellent place to start. She presents the statistical realities behind the risks of birth related things, rather than focusing on fear mongering or icky tactics. "Obstetrics Myths versus Research Realities" would probably be especially good for this purpose.

Some other good places for information:

Mothering's Home Birth Forum

Any of the many studies on outcomes of planned homebirth If you have access to Medline or similiar, you should be able to find more studies. If not, Google Scholar may be able to pull up something of interest to you. Also, keep in mind that many European nations have medical systems that largely promote homebirth for low-risk births and have wonderful outcomes, far less maternal & infant mortality than the United States, and typically have higher breastfeeding rates as well.

Midwifery Today also should have information on homebirth.

If you check out the links in my blog's sidebar under the "Pregnancy & Birth Links" section, you will find several sites that feature home birth studies and the like.

I hope this might help you out a bit. Do let me know if there is something more specific that you are looking for. Home birth and natural birth are both two things that I am very passionate about, though sadly my homebirth plans went awry when Peapod came five weeks early. Thankfully, a natural birth was still a possibility- even in the hospital, though a hospital birth would not be my first choice if a future pregnancy was term and there was no issue preventing a safe birth at home. :o)

Laura H. said...

I need the information for homebirth vs. hospital birth, the pros and cons. I need them soon!Exactly what you said in your second paragraph.

Thankyou, Amy!

Laura H.

DelightinginHim said...

Maybe these links will help you???

DelightinginHim said...

Two more:,,598849_688658,00.html

Liedeke said...

In the Netherlands home delivery is usually preferred and encouraged. Shouldn't be too hard to find some comparative studies... Just my two cents'. Have fun on your paper!

~Liedeke (1 dd delivered in hospital, 1 dd at home, both wonderful, safe and uncomplicated)

Liedeke said...

Hello Laura,

If you still need 'eye-witness' accounts of home births, feel free to e-mail me (if that's possible through blogger). I don't live in the USA, so my input could be irrelevant :-).


Rebekah S. said...

I'm glad you asked! My mom had me in the hospital and my younger brother at home. She said having a baby at home was FAR FAR better. I'll sort of "interview" her for you, and then will e-mail you what she said, ok? Good luck with your paper!!

Laura H. said...

Sounds great! Look forward to it!

Laura H.

Ben Curell said...

Hi. Just found your blog a few minutes ago. I am a new mom to a six month old bundle of joy! I didn't have the option between home and hospital birth - here's why: my husband said hospital only; both of our mothers have had births in which the babys would have died with out the NICU, and my mother in law would have probably died as well; Isaac wanted to live his entire life in my womb :) - we tried EVERY natural labor-inducing remedy, but to no avial. I had to be induced with pitocen (I think that's spelled right). I had natural child birth classes and followed my breathing and relaxation techniques to a "T", but MANY MANY hours later I was still not dialating and was in the most excruciating pain imaginable. If I would not have had the epidural, they would have had to do a C-Section. After the epidural, my body completely relaxed and I could think and talk and laugh again. I could - contrary to what many people say - still feel the labor progressing, only without the pain! I could feel each time Isaac slipped further down and told the nurses that I had dialated alot. They didn't believe me, since it had only been 45 minutes, but she checked me and I was 8 cm! It's amazing what happens when you are truely able to relax. They say there is no pain like that of pitocen. So anyway, it was GREAT the get the epidural, have the peace of mind that there was trained staff and life support available if needed, not have to worry about the clean up :). I did REALLY want my own bed, though. And the nurses have to take vitals every like 2 hours or something. This is REDICULOUS in the middle of the night! So, for my next one, I will be in the hospital, but will be leaving ASAP. Natural childbirth just doesn't always work. If you need more details, let me know. Hope this helped a little. :)