Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's A Choice!

Hello to all of you! I know, it has been a while, but I have been busy, with family things. I intend to write more, later. Much has happened in my life, since I last wrote!

Just wanted to encourage those of you, struggling to be stay at home daughters, who are receiving persecution from family and friends. Remember, it is the choice you made, and remember that you are only trying to please God, not your family members. Now if you Dad tells you that he wants you to get a job, as your spiritual leader, and head of the household, he has that right.If he tells you to do something morally wrong, then appeal to the higher Power, God, to have Him change the father's heart. He can do that you know! You are under his submission, until you are passed on to another, your future husband. So, be strong, and realize that being a stay at home daughter doesn't mean not getting a job,or working in the community, it means, being submissive to those in authority over you, and letting them guide you. Even if you think what they are doing is wrong, they are your authority, and they will be accountable for your choices. No one said it would be easy. Being a pioneer in starting the life of a stay at home daughter, it is hard for us not to say, "What will so and so think of me?" I am doing nothing with my life, according to them." So what? You are doing something according to God, and Jesus!

It's a choice", is a saying that I see on Mom's bathroom mirror everyday. It is a choice you make, to follow God, or to not follow God. It is your heart that tells you whether something isn't right, or is. It is the Holy Spirit prompting you!

Pray to the Lord daily for strength to endure the persecutions, for not being a "conventional career woman", and become an "unconventional keeper at home woman". We are starting a Rebolution, here. The Rebolution of Unconventional Women! Let us march onward, keeping our faces ever toward the one who never forsakes us!

Laura Hines for Mayden Fair

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Thank you for the encouragement, Laura!