Friday, October 19, 2007

Lord Give Me Patience!

I know I haven't been on in a while. I have been busy. Well today, I had to stay home from school because my ride got sick. So I get to write with you all today! Hallelujah!
Patience means waiting!
What do I mean by this? I mean, we have to realize that we do not get the gratification we want at the moment, but have to wait for the time when the Lord thinks it is right for them to obtain it.
We ask the Lord to give us patience, but He doesn't give us Patience, He gives us the opportunity to learn patience! Life is full of lessons needing to be learned, and if we need to have a virtue, the only way we are going to receive it, is by learning with the hardships and trials that the Lord sets before us to grow!
Begging the Lord to send us the right man, saying we are ready for him, not realizing that maybe we have a lesson in patience and humilty to learn! And whatever lesson he has for us, it is for our good!
I found that I do not like my college experience, and therefore am asking God to do everything He can short of causing me to become invalid, to get me out of the situation. But I have heard the voice inside me say, " Finish out the Quarter, this is your lesson in patience!" Very well, Lord, if that is your wish!" He doesn't want me to be there, and I am getting a lot of flack from feminist family members, who think I need to be properly socialized. But the wishes of my Dad and my God come first!
So, what am I going to do in the meantime? Wait patiently for the Lord to reveal it to me! In that meantime, I am working on getting my first book published! Hallelujah! That also requires a great deal of patience!
May God be with us, and give us continuous lessons of Patience for us to learn!
In Christ,
Laura H


Anna S said...

Hi there Laura, and welcome back! Whenever I become impatient, I try to remember that in the journey of life, we're like people wandering in the dark with just a little lamp to shine before us and illuminate the next step. That lamp is our faith in God. And God sees in light everything that is in dark before us! He knows much better than we ever could!

Rebekah S. said...

Anna, what a neat idea! So true!


Thank you for a great post of patience! Oh, how I need to have that virtue! The Lord always does know best, though!!

What kind of book are you writing?? How neat!