Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Waiting Game

When I think of patience, the first thought that pops into my mind is typically that of short term patience--the waiting in a long, annoying line type of patience. There are so many little irritating situations that might come up day to day that require a bit of patience on our parts,but, truly, patience is much more than that. Patience is about persevering with a joyful heart when times are tough, waiting on God's time for blessings that might be to come, and using this time He has provided to prepare effectively for what the future might hold. Many times in my life, I have sought God's counsel on this or that choice/plan, only to be told to wait. Several times I was deeply disappointed when I had to wait for something yet again, but came to realize through more time in prayer and reading the Word, that there are tasks I must undertake to be ready for what has in store for me. God's timing is perfect, and He always knows what we are ready for, even when we may think otherwise. Learning to humbly submit to the "waiting game" He may have in store for us at different points in life is so very important.

There are many events in life that we quite naturally have to wait for, and seeing God's perfect plans in action are just marvels to me. As children we must submit to our parent's authority and wise leadership as we are not ready to lead ourselves. The blessings of knowledge and wisdom come from learning, watching, and waiting. We wait again as young ladies to see what path in life God might be calling us to. Our future husbands are people we must wait to meet and marry, and our callings as wives & helpmeets something we must spend ample time preparing for. When our newlywed minds begin hoping & praying to have children, waiting happens yet again. We must wait on God's time to be blessed with a little one in the womb, and must wait many months to meet this new member of the family. All during this waiting, our time must be spent patiently growing and learning for our impending motherhood joys. By God's wise design, much of our lives, particularly our youth, is spent waiting, growing, and preparing ourselves for blessings and callings to come in the future. Submitting ourselves to His will allows us to develop our character and to learn of & develop our gifts to better serve God & our families, both now and in the future. We have wonderful opportunities to not only prepare for the future might hold, but to accept our waiting game with patience, humility, and contentment, and honor our Heavenly Father while doing so. Our patient waiting can bring us many fruitful blessings: answered prayers, spiritual maturity, wisdom, hope, and the deep pleasures of knowing and relying on our King more & more.

When our Heavenly Father tells you to wait, delight in this opportunity He has given you and do your best to accept this time with a joyful heart. Take the time to speak with Him daily, finding out what you might need to learn or master for the future. Seek His will and look around you to see what special help you might be able to assist people with. Know that even though you are waiting, you are not wasting your time or remaining idle in your place. God has a special plan for you right in the spot He has put you in for this bit of time. And do remember, you are in good company as many of God's dearest children had times of trial and patient waiting in their lives. Abraham, Job, and Jesus are just a few of those called to a such a season, and each of their stories can serve as good encouragement to us. :o)

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Anna S said...

Amy, what a great, encouraging article. Have I said how glad I am you joined us here at Mayden Fair? :)

Laura H. said...

Thankyou for that, Amy! Waiting is hard, and patience is hard to achieve in this case. I am so glad you wrote that!

God bless you!

Laura H

Anonymous said...

Thank you for blessing me with that! =) You have such wisdom to
share when it comes to waiting/patience.

Rebekah S. said...

What a wonderful post, and what a true blessing you really are, Mrs. Brigham!!