Monday, October 6, 2008

Feelin' Feminine

From LAF:
Join the Femininity Revolution!
Miss Jocelyn at would like to invite you to visit the site and join them this week, starting Monday, to participate in the Feelin' Feminine Challenge. You're also encouraged to sign your name to the Feelin' Feminine petition and send your feminine photos in to be archived on the site! The purpose of the Feelin' Feminine site is to "encourage, inspire, and challenge young ladies to rediscover the treasure of dressing femininely modest. So we may be an example in a world where true beauty has been lost that we may bring glory to God." Please come and join us!

This is a great website that encourages young ladies, women, girls, maidens to dress and act femininely for the glory of God!


Lydia said...

This is such an important thing to talk about. Thank you for your post. I love thinking, teaching, reading, and learning about how to be a godly young woman and have a quiet and gentle spirit in todays loud and shine for yourself world.

Anonymous said...

Hello there! Thanks for announcing this, and I hope you'll stop by sometime!