Friday, September 26, 2008

Introductions- New Author, Abby Wilson

I'm the eldest of eight children, and I'm fifteen and in Grade 10 homeschool. (Is that too young to write?) I believe in a Biblical model of a home- where the father leads and loves, the mother follows and submits, and where the children are raised to be mighty arrows. I think it's safest and best for young women to stay at home until they marry(and it's good for guys to live at home until they marry, too). I made the 'major shift' to wearing skirts 99.9% of the time(except for sometimes at home or when swimming), and believe in godly courtship/betrothal. I am trying, by the Holy Spirit, to be modest, discreet, ladylike, feminine, sweet, gentle, peaceful, kind, loving. Of course none of those are perfected yet but one day, which I look forward to, in heaven, they will be! I believe the best thing ever is an intimate relationship with the LORD. I also believe that the highest calling for a mother is to be raising her children at home! As for my interests, I enjoy writing, sewing, dancing, photography, music-making(I play the violin and piano), playing with my siblings, singing with my family, babysitting, spending time with family and friends, having wonderful, long, conversations, going for walks, skiing, reading, and drawing. I work part-time for my grandpa, helping him with his accounting-for-disabled-people business. I'd love to work for my dear dad, but right now he doesn't have his own business but wants to have a family business so we can all be together more. We're living with my maternal grandparents because we haven't yet found a house(we moved back last year from living in another town for nearly two years). Late July to early September, my Grandma was in the hospital because she had a bowel perforation. Long story made short, she was in ICU for 2 weeks, in a coma for approx. 10 days, had about 6 surgeries, and had 6 doctors say she was a total miracle because there was less than a 50% chance of her survival. So right now we're caring for her(she's getting stronger!) and my grandpa, who is a quad.

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