Saturday, August 25, 2007

Character Traits

A friend sent me these character lists last year and I thought you might find them helpful. *Note that in some cases it is talking about husbands, these same principles could also be applied to fathers.
Girl's list:
1. she prays
2. she is trustworthy
3. she loves the Lord
4. She is kind
5. she is wise with money
6. she thinks before she speaks
7. she helps the poor and needy
8. She is not idle
9. She is unselfish
10. she is pure in her thoughts
11. she is tender hearted and compassionate
12. she doesn't look at what she doesn't have but at what she does have
13. she trusts in God
14. She has a skill and isn't afraid of work
15. She is greatful
16. She has strength of character
17. she is forgiving
18. she knows how to cook and bake
19. she looks after her husband
20. she understands his needs and does her best to fulfill them
21. she loves her husband
22. she encourages her husband
23. she does not dwell on or show others his faults
24. she submits to her husband willingly
25. she wants others to know about the Lord/has a burden for souls
26. she is truthful/honest
27. she is willing to improve
28. she is encouraging
29. she raises her children for the Lord
30. Doesn't dwell on discouragement

Guy's list:
1. Is he considerate?
2. Does he think of himself, or of others first?
3. Is he kind to animals?
4. Does he say he's sorry when he's done something wrong?
5. Is he patient, or does he often interrupt?
6. Is he encouraging?
7. Is he easily influenced by others?
8. Is he forgiving?
9. Does he trust you & you him?
10. Does he guard your heart and his or does he push you past your boundaries?
11. Is he respectful?
12. Can he take advice?
13. Can you talk to him about anything?
14. Does he try to understand your point of view?
15. Is he sensitive to how others are feeling?
16. Does he love the Lord?
17. Is he a leader or does he follow whoever he's around?
18. Does he take spiritual stands?
19. Is he a protector?
20. Does he shirk duty, or is he helpful?
21. Will he let you take care of him, or is he very independent?
22. Is he appreciative?
23. Does he interact with children, or does he avoid them?
24. Is he willing to try new things?
25. Can he offer advice?
26. Is he unselfish?
27. Is he honest?
28. Can he think seriously?
29. Does he have a sense of humor?
30. Can he take teasing & playfulness?


Laura H said...

Thankyou for that, Jaclynn. I really appreciate the list!

Laura H

Anna S said...

Oh wow... well, I'm definitely not *all* that - but it doesn't mean I will stop trying! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are some good "goals" there to aim for!
You are welcome!

Rebekah S. said...

Thank you so much for that post! That's a lot to think about remember! It's very convicting.