Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Mayden to be Trusted!

Parts taken from Beautiful Girlhood, A Girl Who Can be Trusted, Chapter 27

A girl who can be trusted! What a treasure she is to her family! What a strength of character she has for her young life's beginning if she has learned to keep her word exactly, to be trustworthy!But not every girl is trustworthy, naturally! THey have to learn it. Many learn through bitter experiences and circumstances, that is it better to be true to one's word, to stand by a promise, to be obedient with out of sight and hearing of those over her, then to choose to a different path and take it secretly.It was a scene not forgotten by any of the three. The mother sat directly in front of the fire, its faint flickers showing the look of worry on her face. The father sat at her left hand, his face set sternly; for he was a man to resent actions of anyone who brought anxiety to that dear face beside him. At her right in a little huddled heap was the yound daughter. SHe had just passed her 14th birthday, ans she was troubled and in as much turmoil as many another girl of that age has found herself. She had been taking things into her own hands and having "good times" that had come about through deception, but the owl like eyes of her mother, who, like many other mothers, seemed to see what was done entirely in the dark, had found out all the winding paths she had taken, and now the escapades were to be laid bare before her father.
Written by Laura H.
When a girl can be trusted like that, it is a joy for the family! But when she reveals something without having discretion, it is hurtful for not only her family but the family that she had talked about. I know about this experience. I did it recently. I feel ashamed, and know that they may not trust me again, but I know that I have asked for forgiveness, both from them and God, and therefore, I need not be afraid of condemnation. But it is still hurtful, and hard to swallow.

Also, a girl needs to be trusted when she is away from home. When she is over at a friends house, and a boy arrives that she is not to associate with, does she leave the party right away, or stay, and lie about the party later to her parents? Would that be trustworthy?

Or what about a certain piece of clothing? If the Daddy told her, it is too revealing, take it off, would she do it? Or would she wear it under another shirt, and take off the shirt, when she arrived at her friends house?

I have witnessed this first hand, and it grieved me greatly!I had the honor and privilege to care for my younger siblings by myself, when my Mom went to visit my sister, and her new baby, my Mom's first grandchild! My Dad worked during the day, and the hardest part was at night. But after consulting Mom, and such, I felt like I could be trusted with the children. That is called being trustworthy!Being trustworthy means holding your peace! A virtue I would dearly love to grasp! I am not very tactful in my speach, and such!

And this is also a point in the Bible. Christ trusted His disciples to heal the people, and preach his gospel. Ruth trusted Boaz, that night on the threshing floor, and Esther trusted God, when she went before the King. I can find numberous accounts of trusting and such, from the Bible. But God also trusted them. He trusted Esther, to preserve her people, from the wicked Haman. Ruth trusted Boaz, when she went to the threshing floor, and laid down at his feet, but she was also trustworthy to her mother in law, Naomi! God trusts us with the welfare of our fellow believers, that we would not lead them astray. I am so thankful that we are striving to be trustworthy!Being trustworthy is a big responcibility! I am up for the challenge, what about you?
Laura H


Anna S said...

Laura, thank you for this beautiful post, and for encouraging us young ladies!

Anna S said...

And wow! What a beautiful header!

ladyofvirtue said...

Dear Laura,

Thank you for directing me to your blog. I am encouraged to know you! I will show this to my own daughters. We are reading through the book "So Much More" together. I will enjoy reading more myself as time allows.

God bless you!


Laura H said...

Thankyou for your comments! Love to have older womens advice. Welcome anytime!
I don't know if your daughter know of Mayden Fair, but please share with them too! I like to have young girls reading our blog. This is a ministry for us, to advise those, and to be advised and encouraged!
God Bless!
Laura H