Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hey, I know this will sound totally different and about face from what I have been writing, but my Parents are encouraging me to go to a Community College this Fall. Don't be mad a me, please! I am still working at home, I am just expanding my education, a little more. I need to finish Math, and such, and am taking a Photography course this Winter! I will still write for Mayden Fair, and I still believe in staying at home, and being a wife and mother. It is just, that there is not much for me to do at home. My little siblings do most of the work. Our home is simple to manage! I hope to improve my skills in home care, and such, to help with my duties as a housewife!

I hope you will not shun me, after this. I am wanting to be honest and above board with you all. I am not perfect, and never hope to be. My convictions of purity, and courtship are strong, and my views of being a stay at home daughter are too. I am just following the wishes of my parents!

So, please do not judge me for doing this thing. I need the education, and it will build up my self confidence, that I am seriously lacking!

I am asking for your prayers, as I approach this time of nervousness, and unsureness! Keep me in your prayers!

In Christ Alone!

Laura H


PandaBean said...

There is totally nothing wrong with education! Especially if it's something you love (I love math!) or will use. Some people do better with self-teaching, others do better in a classroom setting; I do best with a bit of both. I hope you have a good time with college! Hopefully you'll find some spare time to still blog around. :D (Who knows, Mr. Right might be in one of your classes; that's how I found mine!)

God Bless!

Laura H said...

Thankyou, Pandabean,
I hope that I will like College too! Please Pray for me!

Laura H

Laura H said...
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Danielle said...

I think the key, your first and foremost goal, should be to honour your parents. So if it's their wish for you to go to college, go for it! I share similar convictions as you about college, but the Scriptures are more clear about honouring parents than college attendance :). How could we possibly look down on your for that?

PrincessofChrist said...

Never feel bad about going to college. Like Pandabean said, Laura, there is nothing wrong with education. I believe that God gives each of us different tasks. Yes being a keeper at home is good one day, but you there are many opportunities out there while still single. There is nothing wrong with what you feel God leading you to do.


Anna S said...

Laura, dear friend, surely no one here will shun you for going to college! Don't fear and trust in Him. I think you have read before, on my blog, about my college experience. It isn't black and white really. There were many negative things, but also lots of positive. If your parents want you to go, and you can take courses that will uplift you in your feminine calling, I believe you will do fine. You are, praise God, 25 years old, you have lots of wisdom and I believe you will be able, so to speak, to eat the fish and spit out the bones in your time in college! Please keep us updated. Question: will you continue living at home?

And, I'm delighted to see our team here on Mayden Fair gained new members! Woohoo, we got Mrs. Brigham... and Rebekah. I'm looking forward to getting to know the other lovely ladies.

Laura H said...

Well, I am glad you like math. I am not too fond of it, as I am not really good with numbers. I am better at writing stories and researching history, then math. That is why I am taking it in School. I am also taking a course on drama. I want to direct a movie called Pilgrim's Progress someday, and I want to have the skills! I will be learning French and Music in the second and third quarters.Photography is in the wings somewhere!

Yes Anna, I will still be living at home! I believe that is important. I will be riding with my married sister to school, so this is going to be a fun time of encouragment, and fellowship! She has always been there to tell me if I am doing something I shouldn't, so I am looking forward to having her with me! I have a blog that will be used expressly for college. It is You will read updates there. There will really be nothing until September 25th, so just wait, and see!

God bless you all!

Laura H

Princess of Christ, thankyou for your encouragment. It is most appreciated!

Danielle, I will let you know how things progress!

Anna S said...

Laura, it's wonderful that you will continue living at home. It made all the difference in the world for me, in my college years.

DelightinginHim said...

Hey, I have no problem with that. Your parents have wisdom and if that is what they have decided is best then go for it! Unexpected blessings may come from it. If God told me or my parents to do something similiar then I would. I have nothing against community college or college at all if that is really God's will for one.