Friday, August 10, 2007


I am making a website for Mayden Fair. I need some suggestions. I have a few ideas of pages, and I will list them here. I will expound on them later!
Home page
The Fellowship(The authors of this website, talk about their transformation from Feminism, to Maydenhood)
Mayden Pages(links to Maydens own sites, along with a short blurb on themselves)
About the Maydens
Our Mission Statement
Mayden Club(we will have the Mayden Code of Honor)
Connections( A place where Maydens can find other maydens, around the USA, and the World!
Links( Our favorite links)
Crusade for Maydens(to find and mentor struggling maydens)
Mayden Blogs( a list of blogs, pertaining to living at home, and being a godly woman
Let me know, if this is too much to start with, and I will back it down. I like the Club idea, and the Crusade! But let me know if this is too much!
Laura H


Anna S said...

Great idea, Laura! I wonder how you find the time for all your many projects.

Keep us updated on how this proceeds!

Anna and Miriam said...

Great ideas! By the way, your new header looks beautiful!

PandaBean said...

I love the idea of the club! I wish I knew of a chat area or forum to hold conversations with other ladies in a more real time environment. Blogging is great, but sometimes I have a small question I would love to ask others, but I don't know where I could ask to get an answer from a larger group of ladies.

God Bless!


Neat idea! When will the website be finished?

I've enjoyed looking through all the post on the blog here! You all have done a great job! :)

Laura H said...

A Heart...
The website should be up and running at the end of the year, maybe sooner, if I don't have any other projects, and things to do. I will let you know when it is operational!
Laura H.

Laura H said...

I wish there was one too. I like to converse with them. I do know of a Forum that is called Preparing Daughters, by Sarah Maxwell. I will see if I can find the url, or email, to send to them, for you!
Laura H.