Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cultivating Wise Habits

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.
-Proverbs 14:1

Hello lovely ladies! As this month's theme is wisdom, I thought an article about cultivating wise habits might be in order. There are many wise habits that are important to master for life in general, but some are especially crucial for marriage and mothering. Allowing these good habits to develop and flourish will be of the utmost help in "building your house".

*Look well to the ways of the household (Proverbs 31:27)- There are many enjoyable hobbies that can benefit a household in profitable ways. Sewing, knitting, painting, baking, writing, photography, and embroidery all come to mind. Not only can all of these tasks help beautify your home and save money, but they can also be a wonderful way to quickly earn a little extra money from home. If an unexpected expense ever comes up, selling one of your skills, baked goods, or craft items can be a great way to ease the situation and get your household back on track.

~Sewing is especially helpful when (God willing) you are expecting, nursing a baby, and/or have a little girl. Finding attractive, modest maternity and nursing clothing is quite the task to undertake and could be made far easier if you know how to sew. The same holds true with little girls' clothing. I was *shocked* to find immodest clothing even in the infants section. I hardly want to imagine what might be seen in the years to come and cannot wait until I know how to sew well.

*Do not eat the bread of idleness (Proverbs 31:27)- Learning to multi-task and use even the smallest pockets of time makes life run far more smoothly. When you are making a phone call and are put on hold, use this piece of time to finish a simple task that can be done quickly. Maybe write a letter, return an email. or double check your weekly schedule. If you are spending time watching a movie at home, this can be a great time to work on some knitting, hook rugging, or other needle art task. Look at each and every day to see if any time might be escaping you and use these little gaps to your advantage.

Debt is servanthood (Proverbs 22:7)- Staying out of debt is of the utmost importance. Credit card and credit offers are almost everywhere nowadays and these companies often will approve young people for high credit lines that they cannot afford to pay back. Learn wise financial sense so you will always have the resolve to avoid getting yourself into a nasty debt situation. Pay for items with cash only and only consider credit for mortgages and car loans.

Be choosy when it comes to friends (Proverbs 12:26) Make it a point to cultivate and nurture friendships with those who edify and challenge you to be the best person you can be. A true friend will lovingly rebuke you if you are sinning, but a "feel good friend" will sin right alongside you. Oftentimes, mothers, aunts, sisters, and other family members can be wonderful friends who will challenge you and stand by you as you strive to serve your Heavenly Father.

Seek counsel from older women (Proverbs 11:14)- Actively seek out several Titus 2 women who you can turn to when you need advice, help, or Godly counsel. Allow a relationship to blossom with these wise counselors as they can be large blessings to you when life might become a little sticky, stressful, or hectic.

Do not be an idler, busybody, or gossip (1 Timothy 5:13)- I once heard that our mouth causes us to sin far more than anything else and do see how this could be the truth. Be careful to guard your time and speak of positive topics, rather than gossip or harmful words. When you are spending time with family and/or friends, be sure to use this time in a God-honoring manner and not a time to idle about and speak in ways unbecoming of a King's daughter.

Keep your mind on what is good and right (Philippians 4:8)- Surround yourself with beauty, pureness, and honesty. Evil things can often sneak in when you least expect it; even in seemingly "good things", so being on the offensive is very important.

Never cease praying (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)- Thank your Heavenly Father frequently throughout the day, ask for His help whenever it is needed, and never overlook an opportunity to rejoice in Him and all He has given you, even the smallest bits of goodness.

Laugh- Learn to laugh at yourself! When minor mistakes happen or things go wrong, do not fret or get upset, just laugh. Dinners will get burned, children might make big messes, and you might even trip in the middle of a busy area sometime, but none of these minor "disasters" are worth becoming upset over. Take a deep breath, laugh, smile, and realize things could always be worse. :o)

I hope all of you dear sisters are having a wonderful day! Many Blessings!


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Anna S said...

Amy, what wonderful advice for young women. A lovely summary of wisdom for beautiful girlhood!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is a very good post my dear!

DelightinginHim said...

Thank you so much, just what I need to read-it encouraged me and showed me some ways/areas I can do better in. And coming from a young mother and wife, that means a lot too because you are actually a full time homemaker! One thing that i have really learned this year is my use of time. Before I had lots of time (Believe it or not while I was still in highschool I had more time than I do now) but now I have a part time job (babysitting and housecleaning) and I have less time than before. So making use of the time the Lord has given me can be a challenge but a very rewarding one!

Rebekah S. said...

Wow!! What wisdom!! I could go on and on about this post!! Thank you SO much for sharing, Amy!! There are so many areas in which I need to improve in, and I thank you for your straightforward advice!! God bless!!! The Lord really used your post to be a huge blessing to us, and I pray He will richly bless you in return!

Laura H. said...

Amy, what a gift you have! Thankyou for sharing. It is a blessing to have a married young woman on this blog. We unmarried need all the advice we can get, right girls?

Laura H

Rebekah S. said...

Amen, Laura!!