Friday, September 14, 2007

...And on her tongue is the law of kindness.
~Proverbs 31:26b (NKJV)


The Proverbs 31 woman was in no way perfect, yet she did strive to please and glorify her Savior by the way she spoke to those around her. She did not let herself give into her temper, even if she was getting agitated with someone, because she knew that that would not please the Lord. Not only did she say kind words to people when she spoke to them, but her tone of voice shone forth with kindness as well.

Daily examine yourselves, as I often have to, to see whether or not the law of kindness is on your tongue as well. Is the way you speak to your parents honoring, respectful, revering and kind? Do you speak to seniors and those in authority in the same way? What about the way you speak to your siblings? To your older siblings, do you seek to be an encouragement to them in the way that you speak? Are you kind and considerate, or do the words you say bring them down instead of build them up as they ought? What about your younger siblings? Because they're younger, they often follow us around everywhere, copy us, etc., and that sometimes annoys us. But despite that, does the love of Christ shine through us in the way that we speak to them? Are we abundantly kind and sweet to them, or does the way we speak leave a little to be desired?

If you find yourself about to give into your temper, just wait, don't say anything, but rather ask yourself the following before you speak: "Would the tone of voice or the words I was about to say have been honoring to Christ and encouraging to this person, or would they have saddened that person, hurt him or her, or angered them?" If the words or tone of voice would have done so, then simply ask the Lord for the strength to speak as you know you should, rather than the way your sinful nature wants you to.

All of us, because we're sinners, say things throughout the day that we later deeply regret. When you know you've done so, first go to the Lord and ask His forgiveness. Then go to that person that you wronged, and tell them that you're sorry and ask for their forgiveness as well. This is a very humbling thing to do, and therefore it is often a hard thing for us to do, but rememember: the Lord hates pride, and that is one characteristic that should not belong to any of His children. Ask the Lord for strength each morning that you would speak in the way that He would want you to that day. And as you learn to speak kinder, you too will have on your tongue the "law of kindness".

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Laura H. said...

Thankyou for that! I have been known too often to loose my temper, and not bite my tongue. I really appreciate your post. God bless you sister!

Laura H

Rebekah S. said...

Hi, Laura! Oh, so have I!! More often than I'd like to admit. :)

Thank you so much for your kind comments! The Lord's richest blessings to you as well, dear sister in Christ!

Anna S said...

Thank you for this great post, Rebekah! You are such a great contribution for us here on Mayden!