Friday, September 14, 2007

October's Subject, A Mayden is... Patient!

I know this is a little early, but I want us all to think about the next subject in Mayden List, for October. It is A Mayden is... Patient! I am sure all of you will have somethings to share about that! I know I do!

Have a great rest of September, and I hope to be back up with you all, in October!

Laura H


Rebekah S. said...

Thanks for letting us know in advance, that way we have time to prepare! :) We're really looking forward to you posting again!

E-mail me sometime and tell me all about how your classes are going, your ups and downs, and be sure to inform me regarding any prayer requests or praise reports you have!!

Laura H. said...

After my first day of school, I will email all of my friends on my list, to let you all know how I did the first day of School! They do have a Christian Fellowship Club, I had thought of joining, if I don't have any classes that day, at that time. I would like to know what other christian young people are going to college, too!

In Christ alone!
Laura H

Anna S said...

Ooh Laura... I have SO much to say about patience! It will wait until October, though. :)

Rebekah S. said...

So do I!!!