Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pleased to meet you!

As per Anna S, I would also like to introduce myself. I have just joined this blog (thank you Laura for this privilege) and look forward to contributing! Well, my name is Emily and I am a 21 year-old Christian from the UK, having been saved by grace since the age of about 5. I am currently single and have just finished my 3-year BA Hons degree in French Language Studies & Linguistics. I moved out of home by God's calling at age 18 to my university town, and have lived here ever since, visiting my family and friends back in London from time to time. I currently run my own bridal accessories (tiaras and jewellery) online business from home, which is a huge blessing from the Lord!

My own blog is called Unfurling Flower, and on there I am passionate about writing on all subjects to do with Christian living. In particular, I have a real heart for posting about biblical womanhood and marriage & singleness, as these are topics God has particularly burdened me with and has graciously taught me much about. My wisdom is nothing! In and on myself I have nothing to offer. But the Lord is merciful and He has really been sharing His wisdom and knowledge with me over these past few years. And this is what I hope to bring to this blog!

So, it is a pleasure to be writing here and thank you for reading this. Blessings to you, and I hope to "meet" many of you through this place!


Laura H said...

Thankyou for the introduction! It was great to get to know you that way! I hope that we all will be an encouragement to eachother, and to the people who read this blog!

Laura H

Emily said...

Thanks Laura! Amen, I hope this blog will be a start of a Christ-centred friendship :)

Three Sisters Blog said...

Hi Emily, That is so interesting that you live in the UK. We used to be missionaries in Northern Ireland. I'm looking forward to reading your posts.