Friday, July 13, 2007

A Mayden is... Respectful!

This is a vital part of a young maiden's life! Many of us do not realize how vital this really is, until it is too late, and our friends and family, do not trust us, because they do not get the respect the Lord commanded us to give them. No wonder there are so many young people out there, who say, " Don't you trust me?" It is because his/her family doesn't get the respect!

Respect is first given to God! He is our creator, and we are his children. We respect and honor him, just like we do our parents. If we do not respect our parents, we do not respect the Lord, for He placed them over us as our guides. We also respect our elders, like grandparents and such, when they tell us, that something is wrong. We respectfully listen, and take the message and think, " Is this what I should be doing?" Respecting the authority that the Lord gave us!

I have not given respect where the respect is due, and it has caused problems in the past, while I grew up. But now, seeing my sisters go their own way, and me still living at home, I can see that the wisdom of my parents' warnings was true. I am thankful for that!

Wishing I could write more, without sounding like I am rambling on, I will close. I know, it is hard, but try to respect anyone in your life, even if it is the hardest thing for you to do, and if he/she is a diffecult person. The Lord will reward you for it in the end!

More coming soon....

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