Friday, July 13, 2007


Hi! Since this is my first post on this blog (thanks for inviting me to contribute, Laura!) I guess I should share a couple of things about myself.

I'm 22 years old, an adult, unmarried daughter living at home. I made the choice to live at home with my family until the joyous day when I get married to a wonderful, special man, and then I'm hoping and praying to be given the opportunity to serve my husband (and children, God willing) as a full-time homemaker.

However, being a homemaker isn't as easy as we've been taught to think. It's an art! It's much more than cooking and cleaning. And our years as maidens are just the right time to learn all it takes to be a homemaker, a lady, a helpmeet our future husbands will be proud of. And in the meantime, we can strive to set a worthy example in this crazy world.

Soon, we will start discussing how exactly, in our opinion, it can be done...


Laura H said...

Excellently done! I really appreciate your article. You are far more articulate then I am, which is good. We will be able to help eachother with our posts, and such. Do not hesitate to put pictures in, if you wish. Do you think we should change the blog picture once a month, with the changing of the Traits? What do you think?

Anna S said...

Yes, I think changing the blog picture once in a while might be good, to keep it more interesting.