Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ladette to Lady

I wonder how many of you have seen the 'Ladette to Lady' TV show. I enjoyed both the 2005 and 2006 seasons. The show is basically about taking a group of the raunchiest, loudest, least lady-like women you can possibly think of, and shipping them off to a fine ladies' finishing school, Egglestone Hall.

For those of you who are not sure what a ladette is, it's defined as 'a foul-mouthed, uncultured and unpleasant woman, who likes to drink and smoke and is often sexually promiscuous.'

During their five-weeks course in the finishing school, the ladettes are taught proper manners, speech, way of dress and womanly arts, such as needlework, flower arranging, cookery (including how to set a table in a beautiful way and select fine wine to go with dinner). Every week, someone was expelled and in the end, only three ladettes (oops! I mean ladies) stayed, and one winner was ultimately elected.

Watching the show was fun, and left me thinking about how many women today could benefit from such a finishing school, even if it is in the area of manners and speech alone. I know too many to count – and I'm not perfect myself, of course, especially in the department of cooking and fine, womanly arts!

You can watch some videos from the show on Sundance Channel.


Laura H said...

You will have to record them or something, because the episodes are not available online. I wish I could have a copy of them, because it would be good for me, and several young ladies I know who would greatly benefit from it. I am in deperate need of them!
Laura H

Anna S said...


Yes, unfortunately, you can only watch short clips online. I didn't have a chance to record them when I saw them.

Emily said...

I take it this is the British TV programme? It has been aired over here in the UK, of course, but I didn't get the chance to watch it (I rarely watch TV). I'd quite like to now! The ladette culture has been rampant over here for years (particularly in my all-girls high school) - if only more of them could learn to be ladies like the girls in this programme ;)

Anna S said...

Yes, Emily, it was a British TV show. It was so much fun to watch! And I believe it made a tremendous impact on these women!